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Teachers and administrators joined with community members at the Las Vegas Academy Theatre to launch the Zoom Schools program, involving 800 educators and 14 schools. The Zoom Schools program is the result of bi-partisan legislation and extensive research aimed at supporting the district's English Language Learner students. A total of $50 million was allocated by the state legislature and Governor Bryan Sandoval for the program. The Clark County School District (CCSD) received $39.4 million for the program. The 14 participating elementary schools will receive additional resources, including free pre-K programs, expanded full-day kindergarten programs with smaller class sizes, free summer school offerings and Zoom School Reading Skills Centers designed to provide students with unprecedented support in gaining key reading skills.

Rose Warren was originally selected to become a school that fosters the Zoom program. Today, we have a completely furnished Reading Center, with full time staff, and two Pre-K Zoom classrooms, that aide in early development for students with english language difficulties. We are proud to be a                   school.